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Weekly Single Page of Cartoonmag / No 5 / Artificial intellectuals


NO:5 , Saturday, 18 May 2024




Artificial intellectuals

Abbas Naaseri - Recently, in a number of international festivals, we  have seen the wininig and showcasing of works produced by "Artificial Intelligence".
 It seems,  to requires a special investigation; Is it legal to present these works to festivals? Or is it done with the purpose of deceiving the judges? Should this arrangement of images done by artificial intelligence be considered a work of art? Can these works be entered in the name of the artist in these competitions? Or is the selection of these works a gross mistake by the festivals? It may seem that this issue, like copying works in competitions, has loophole and should be dealt with, and after these sites, instead of publishing inescapable similarity, they should expose such non-artistic works? Or will it be officially accepted like the works in the field of "NFT" that are produced and sold with artificial intelligence?
Perhaps the origin of this case can be found in the years when those influencing the judging of world festivals preferred the performance over the idea and were very interested in painters who had migrated to cartoons. and now the same strong performances have gone towards machines, technology and artificial intelligence.
It seems that the idea is still going to have the final say.
One should think of measures and hope that by valuing idea in cartoons and even simple performances like in the past, the organizers and judges will gradually go in the direction that strong ideas and simple performances will return to the world of cartoons. where artificial intelligence is definitely "less intelligent" in this regard.
Considering that some artists, who think they are smart and are trying to deceive the judges who are attracted by eye-catching performances, create works by resorting to artificial intelligence and seek to win prizes in an unequal competition, it seems necessary, to adopt a mechanism to confront these "artificial intelligences" in Festivals. So that we don't witness such artistic frauds any more, or at least the rules of festivals should be revised and it should be stated that works of this style،
Do they have the right to participate and compete with other artists or not?


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